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Why Choose Façade and Fenestration?

Passport to the Future

Writing for Business Insider recently, Richard Branson listed his ten favourite quotes relating to business and life. While all of these quotes are inspirational in their own way, when it comes to opportunities in the façade and fenestration sector, one particular quote stands out, “A year from now you will wish you had started today.”-Karen Lamb.

Here at Elk Recruitment, we see opportunities in façade and fenestration sector as potential passports to the future in their own right. For an ambitious candidate, the façade and fenestration industry offers exciting job openings worldwide to rival any other in the construction and building sector.

No Slowdown     

Earlier this year, Bruce Shaw’s Derek Scully warned that the shortage of skilled glazers had the potential to hurt the construction industry and since then the job opportunities have only increased. Internationally, the façade and fenestration sector continues to grow exponentially, and Elk Recruitment is one of the best places to stay up to date with career opportunities.

In the Middle East, façade work at the new Dubai wharf is still ongoing, and the new Mall of Oman development is scheduled to begin in early 2017. This will be part of a massive $1.3 billion investment which will also include the construction of City Centre, Sohar.

The coated flat glass market is expected to rise to $34.4 billion by 2021 according to Research and Markets. This will be driven by new smart glass regulations and advancements in façade and fenestration worldwide.

In Australia, the government recently listed façade and fenestration as one of the most future-proof occupations. The demand for glazing experts shows no sign of slowing down, and as glass itself becomes more technical, this will only increase the need for a more skilled workforce.

Stateside, the city of San Francisco, listed the upgrading of façade and fenestration as one potential enhancement to kerb greenhouse gases. Jobs will be created through installation, operation and maintenance of new and upgraded building systems.

Elk Opportunities Worldwide

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