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Contingent, Retained, Exclusive Recruitment

Elk Recruitment work on Contingent, Exclusive and Retained projects which are dependant on our clients preference.

Contingent: meaning that we compete with other agencies to fill roles that you our client have given us or are on your website. Elk only get paid when we successfully fill the role in question. For the client this is not the way to successfully recruit professional staff, it promotes a culture amongst recruitment companies to send as many CV's to a client as quickly as possible in the hope that one of the CV's submitted is suitable.

"We work with our clients in a professional manner at all times and always advise that after placements have been made with the Elk team that the client moves more towards the Exclusive or Retained Recruitment"

Exclusive: meaning we work on roles that have only been given to Elk Recruitment, again we only get paid when we successfully fill the role. Exclusivity can also result in a discount on the Fee should a client wish to do so.

Retained: meaning we agree a fee to be paid monthly to Elk for a consultant to work directly and solely for you our client.