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23 days ago by Clive Dunne
Cover Letter Blog

A cover letter is so important, it’s a crucial addendum to your job application which allows you to introduce yourself and explain your suitability for the position in question. The letter needs to be interesting, tailored to the job you are applying for and snappy. Avoid longwinded paragraphs filled with clichés as they are so annoying. When employers read letters of this nature it can actually stop your application there and then, as it is quite obvious you have not put in the effort. Always remember you are being assessed at all stages of the process, so let’s get it right first time.

Address the letter to a human being, not “to whom it may concern” or “human resources”. Read up on the company, in fact give the recruitment company or employer a call directly and ask them who should you address the cover letter to.

Explain how you found the position and why you are interested in applying for the role on offer. Then take the time to explain in summary why you are a good match for this position. When you are explaining your suitability, overview your skill set, don’t just list out your CV. Make sure you use specific up to date industry wording that they can relate to and give them a sense of who you are personally and professionally.

Try to also include a brief overview of where their industry and company is at. This overview should only be at a basic level but it shows the employer you have done your homework. When you are finished the letter read over it, then ask someone else to read the job spec and then read your letter to see if they complement each other. Keep the letter to one page and make sure you check and correct all spelling and grammatical mistakes. When closing the letter, don’t be afraid to let them know that you do feel a meeting would be extremely beneficial and that you would be excited at the prospect of meeting some of the team.