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3 months ago by Elk Recruitment
Irish Elk

The Irish Elk and Elk Recruitment

This is probably one of the most
frequent questions we get asked when meeting both clients and candidates for
the first time, why Elk?

From the outset we wanted an
Irish association with our business/brand.
We started initially with the names of Irish flowers due to my keen
interest in gardening but to be honest, to have an Irish Flower as our name in
Irish although beautiful, most names would just be too complicated to pronounce
e.g. Clover – Seamair Lochlannach (particularly for our international brethren).


“Broadly speaking, a brand is a set of hooks
the mind uses to organise its experience of a commercial offering”

Eugene Yiga, Knowledge Manager Synovate Laboratories


We wanted a name and logo synonymous
with Irish history & strength, a name that makes you visualise a powerful
presence and within a very short period of time it was very obvious that the
Irish Elk was a perfect fit for our Brand.
It is extremely important to us that every aspect of our organisation is
thought through and each area of it complements and adds to our overall
offering and vision of the business, we feel that the Irish Elk represents this
vision perfectly.


“The Irish Elk or Giant Deer, was
the largest deer that ever lived. It lived in Eurasia, from Ireland to east of
Lake Baikal, during the Late Pleistocene and early Holocene. The latest known
remains of the species have been carbon dated to about 5,700 BC, or about 7,700
years ago. The Giant Deer is famous for its formidable size (about 2.1 meters
or 7 feet tall at the shoulders), and in particular for having the largest
antlers of any known cervid (a maximum of 3.65 meters/12 feet from tip to tip
and weighing up to 90 pounds)”
taken from