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over 3 years ago by Elk Recruitment
Moving To Management

So you have put in hours and hours of hard work and your employer has finally
asked you to take a step up to first line management.  Firstly, well done and you
should be very proud of yourself.  Should you be nervous? No you should not be,
but it’s quite natural to feel this way.

Moving into your first management position can be quite exciting but also extremely
nerve racking and you should do so with your eyes wide open. Be prepared for the
huge changes that will come, you will now be responsible directly for both staff and
equipment within your remit, directly responsible for quality, productivity and output
of your area of responsibility.  You are now responsible for your team’s welfare at work
and under Health and Safety legislation you are now legally accountable with judicial
implications should you manage irresponsibility.  Be prepared to work longer hours but
probably most difficult, is the common change in people’s attitude towards you, those
that have been friends for many years may start to drift away as they believe you have moved to the dark side.

Be sure you fully understand the job you have been offered in every aspect, the role,
responsibility, job spec, working hours & remuneration.  You may need to re-evaluate
your current skill set and learn new skills to enable you to execute your new position
effectively & efficiently.  The above should not cause you concern, it’s the price of
progress and you should grasp all opportunities in life with both hands.  Listen to your
inner voice and it will tell you if this promotion is right for you.  Be nervous, it natural,
but don’t let fear hold you back, fear of failure, fear of change, fear of people’s attitude
toward you.  If you feel this promotion is right for you, you feel you can do it and it’s a
step in the right direction for your career, then go for it, make it happen and

“turn a deaf ear to fear”

Les Brown