interview in session

What to do after an interview


The interview is over, you have been grilled by a team of interviewing lions and you displayed a super performance. Now the waiting game begins, but wait your job is not done yet!

Firstly, contact the recruiter straight after your interview if you are dealing with one, and let them know how it went. If during the interview your realise that the position is not for you then tell all parties involved they will appreciate you not wasting time. 

If on the other hand the job is for you then it is always a good idea to email the hiring managers a quick thank you for the opportunity to meet with the team and discuss the role in more detail. Make sure to mention that you enjoyed the process thus far, you feel you would get on with the team and after learning more about the role you feel you have the skill set to execute the job effectively and it fits in perfectly with your career aspirations but don’t overdo it.

Plan to the last!

Job seeking can be a funny game so avoid putting all your eggs in one basket.  It is not uncommon for companies to take weeks to come back to you with feedback on your interview or not to come back at all or worse again to cancel the position altogether.  Plan B & C while you wait, your main objective throughout the interview process should be to interview for a couple of positions, have multiple offers on the table and choose the one that best suits your career aspirations and financial requirements. There is a tendency from some recruiters and companies to express positivity towards you after your interview with no real basis, so don’t let this situation make you think the job is in the bag so to speak, when you have the offer on the table that’s the time to pat yourself on the back but even then don’t take your foot of the gas.  When you receive the offer, seem interested but not over eager, take some time to consider and remember you still have the negotiation stage to play out.