fenestration industry london-skyline

We are on the Move!

Elk Recruitment are so excited to announce that we have opened up our UK address in City Road, London. The reason for this, as stated by Clive Dunne of Elk Recruitment is

“To be close to the action currently experienced in the growing fenestration industry there, it is also what our growing Curtain Walling client base require from us as a specialist in our field so that at the drop of a hat an Elk Recruitment representative can be onsite to discuss/resolve staffing issues”

Growth has been consistent in the fenestration industry to date and this has been seen in many geographical locations such as the United Kingdom , the Americas and also a welcomed recent upsurge in the Irish market both in the commercial and residential Façade sectors. This increase in activity across the board does not come without its Ying & Yang which currently present in the form of skilled staff shortages which is now an issue for most organisations especially in the curtain walling arena.

Of these skilled staff shortages Senior Façade Designers, Façade Designers, Draughtsmen and Façade Project Management disciplines seem to be most hit. The other point to note and as a direct result of demand is there has been a noticeable increase in salary scales for these disciplines in the façade industry and there doesn’t seem to be any signs of slowing as demand continues, counter offers also now seem to be unfortunately the norm.

Elk Recruitment are looking forward to growing our presence in Ireland, the UK and the Americas going forward, the response and welcoming of our business to the Façade market has been amazing thus far and long may it continue, However in order for our partnerships to develop effectively we are quickly seeing that it is extremely important that our clients take a serious look at their upcoming projects based on current demand and plan their staffing requirements way in advance to ensure the right resources are available at Kick off.