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The Language of Success

Job Market Access

As we have seen in our previous Blog posts, the opportunity for a candidate to avail of a position overseas has never been greater. In particular, the Elk Recruitment niches of façade and fenestration, construction and Medtech are all sectors where vacancies arise in all corners of the world. With this opportunity comes the question of how best to take advantage of it.

One of the first skill-sets a candidate can update is to learn a new language.

The primary advantage, of course, is to give a candidate access to job markets they might otherwise find themselves excluded from, but there are also other benefits to learning a language such as improving memory and attention span.

Am I Too Old?

A common misconception is that adults can leave it too late to learn a new language. However, recent research from the University of Illinois at Chicago has shown that although adults may find a new language difficult, they can, in fact, become fluent speakers and develop high proficiency. These findings demonstrate that no matter what age a candidate is, they have the ability to add to their skill-set. At Elk Recruitment, we see job seekers who can speak more than one language holding a huge advantage over job seekers who speak only one, particularly if a company has worldwide reach. A business is much more likely to employ someone who will be able to communicate with their clients directly as opposed to hiring a person who will need the services of a translator. Recently, a British survey found that the UK economy is losing over £50 Billion a year because of a lack of language skills within the workforce. These are real jobs being lost through a situation quickly remedied.

Going Forward

Employees often cite time constraints as a reason for not upgrading skills. Languages, however, can be added to night courses, CD packages, as well as online correspondence courses and all have a high success rate. At Elk Recruitment, we are observing the tremendous opportunities available to job seekers worldwide and view upgrading language skills a definite benefit.