job-hunting effectively

Job Hunt Effectively

How to Job Hunt Effectively.

Job hunting can be a very stressful and difficult time for most of us especially when it’s the result of losing your job rather than choosing to leave.  As hard as it may be, try not to look at your current situation as world ending because it isn’t, instead look on this situation as the universes way of telling you loudly that what you were doing in the past needed changing, so take this time given to you to reflect and plan your next move strategically.

Most people at this point make a critical mistake, they simply dust of the old CV and blitz the market place with it by loading it up on to every job board and submit it to every recruitment company known to man, this is a DISASTER and a fatal mistake.  Take the time to review your CV first and ask yourself if this CV represents me and my skill-set effectively? am I proud of myself when I read this CV? If not redo your CV until its excellent, if you can’t, get help. In addition, get yourself an excellent LinkedIn profile and make sure it reflects your CV.

Identify the job that suits your skill set, if you don’t have the skill then up-skill.  Seek out the companies you would like to work for and research them, check out their website, check out the latest vacancies on job boards, newspapers and seek out recruitment companies that specialise in your industry.

When the above is complete, connect & network in person, don’t expect the internet to do the work for you, you are one of thousands looking for a job so hunt effectively.  If you would like to send your CV directly to an employer or recruitment company, find out the contact name in that organisation and ring them in person, let them know you are on the lookout or interested in the job advertised and ask them if it is ok for you to send your CV to them directly, in doing this you are building a rapport and putting a voice and a living person behind your CV, vitally important

Look at your job search as a project and remember don’t panic, reflect and plan strategically.