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Job Hopping Affecting Recruiters and Human Resources.

1 in 3 Irish Jobseekers Are Job Hopping In The First Year 

Figures by The American Bureau of Labour Statistics have backed up what many Irish recruitment agencies and HR professionals  Job Hoppinghave noticed recently, namely that job hopping, particularly in the cases of young women, is rising dramatically.

They found that the average time a person spends in a job is 4.4 years but in the cases of young employees, this time, length is halved. In Ireland, 1 in 3 job seekers will move job within the first year. Regarding reasoning, salary, change of location and fresh motivation are listed as the primary factors behind these statistics. But are these reasons actually beneficial to job seekers in the long term?

Red Lights Upon CV Appraisal

There is no doubt that the allure of new experiences can broaden horizons and add to a CV skill-set but along with restarting in a new job comes having to adapt to new rules and to fit into an already existing work environment. Valid questions are also being asked by recruitment agencies and Human Resource professionals when it comes to the appraisal of a CV that shows a clear pattern of switching jobs over the short term. How a recruiter’s recommendation might impact upon any future relationship between the agency and the company is one prominent concern, but a recruiter may also become suspicious about the reasons behind so many job changes. Many Human Resource professionals will look at this information as a potential sign of previous strife and an inability to adapt and stay motivated.      

Innovation Encourages Loyalty

Xerox’s Chief of Marketing Christa Carone has come up with some possible solutions to ensure that employees feel less need to change jobs which Irish recruiters and employers can integrate into work environments and when weighing up the suitability of prospective candidates. Carone cites clear communication, applying to both management, recruiter and employee, and the encouragement of new ideas. She also advises entrepreneurial side projects to create innovation and leadership. These tactics help in fostering motivation and loyalty in the work environment, reducing the need to job hop.