Irish MedTech Growth

Irish MedTech Growth

Skill Combination

This week saw further announcements of Irish MedTech Growth and new jobs within the medical-technology industry. As a leading recruitment firm in this sector, Elk Recruitment continues to notice particular trends which are becoming more prevalent and which can benefit a candidate tremendously. One factor which offers a significant advantage is that of having a combination of skills. The candidate with a broad knowledge base is being sought more often by the medical-technology industry as it expands into utilising multi-skilled employees in this growing sector.

New Job Announcements

Three examples of Irish MedTech Growth were announced by the IDA this week which demonstrates this trend. Fazzi Healthcare, a US company from Northampton, Massachusetts, announced the creation of a new medical coding centre in Limerick. Fazzi currently provides healthcare and coding services to countries around the world, but it is the first time a medical coding company has set-up in Ireland. This combination of medical technology and computer coding will be overseen by The World Health Organisation, and the company intend to create over 300 jobs in Ireland over the next five years. A second example of Irish MedTech Growth was the announcement by Mallinckrodt, a specialist pharmaceutical company, of a state of the art medical device research facility in Blanchardstown. This facility will create 40 new jobs combining research and development with expert engineering. This trend towards multi-skills was summed up by Mallinckrodt’s Managing Director, Dr David Keenan, when he said, “We’ll have different area’s working on similar products, but with different functions.”  Finally, Australian listed company, Oneview Healthcare announced plans for 50 new jobs in its Dublin office and 50 more for international posts this year. One view creates software for the healthcare industry and has recently signed new contracts with a range of US hospital groups.

Emerging Niche Sectors

At Elk Recruitment, we pride ourselves on our experience and insight when it comes to trends in technology and business, and spotting spikes in the jobs market such as Irish MedTech Growth. We are at the forefront of the recruitment industry and ideally placed to take advantage of these exciting and emerging niche sectors.
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