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Ireland’s MedTech Employment Progress

Prime Position

One of the most exciting and fast moving industry in the Irish economy is that of the MedTech sector. At Elk Recruitment, we pride ourselves on being one of the leading agencies when it comes to MedTech jobs. As Ireland happens to be at the forefront of new business and enterprise in this sector, this leaves Elk Recruitment in a prime position to offer job seekers the very latest opportunities and career moves in the MedTech sector.

Back in February of this year, the Irish Medical Devises Association (IMDA) announced a four-year plan to consolidate Ireland’s place as a new hub for the industry. As more MedTech and Pharmaceutical firms announce new plans and jobs on a weekly basis, we can see that this strategy is already working. At this moment in time, Ireland is the second largest MedTech employer in Europe, lying behind Switzerland on a per-capita basis. This may change if Ireland continues to experience high growth beyond the current rate of 5.5% per year.

Regional Focus

This week, Galway MedTech company, Neuravi, secured 15 million in funding from IPF Partners in Luxemburg. Neuravi will use this funding to commercialise its clot retrieval product, Embotrap. Also in Galway, MedTech firm, Signum Surgical, recently announced that it had raised 2.6 million Euro from investors. One of Signum’s recent developments is an implant to promote healing and prevent reinfection in colorectal conditions.

Moving to Dublin, UCD MedTech spin-out company, Kinesis, has announced that it has raised 590’000 Euro to expand its global sales reach.

Ireland currently has over 450 companies employing 30’000 people in the MedTech sector, including 17 of the world’MedTec 25 leading MedTech multinationals. One of the advantages Ireland holds is its regional focus: The Irish Medical Device Association estimates that currently, 80% of companies are start-ups with nationwide locations.

Vast Experience

When it comes to liaising and collaborating with firms in this sector, Elk Recruitment’s vast expertise in the MedTech sector gives us a distinct advantage. Elk Recruitment has the knowledge and competency to offer the right candidate the best possible avenue to employment in this area.