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As the economic climate continues to improve worldwide, here at Elk Recruitment, we are continuing to set the pace in relation to the recruitment and placement of candidates. In particular, our niche recruitment and area’s of expertise consist of façade and fenestration, construction and MedTech are all sectors in which the global market expects to see strong growth in the second half of this decade. 

Job Rise Optimism

This week, American statistics relating to construction provided more good news. September construction alone added over 23’000 new jobs, according to the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Construction employment in The United States is now at its highest level since 2008. Another factor to consider is that pay increases are continuing to hold steady in this sector at almost 3% per year. This optimism is reflected in the Irish construction sector with CIF President, Michael Stone, expecting that 75’000 jobs can be created by the year 2020.  There was also positive news in relation to world façade and fenestration, another Elk Recruitment niche recruitment area. The Indian government’s target for over 20 ‘Smart Cities’ to be constructed will require a radical increase in the use of aluminium and other environmentally friendly construction factors. The trend for high-rise buildings will require thousands of jobs within the façade, glazing, roofing and cladding sectors. India Inc. this week identified five essential upgrades which will be required for ‘Smart Cities’. There are water, power, broadband, environment and housing.  Meanwhile, the MedTech industry continues to go from strength to strength. Brian Cole, Managing Partner and Medical Device Practice Leader at Kaye/Bassman International said that there are simply not enough qualified candidates to fill MedTech positions at this time.  Cole summed up the situation by saying, “Every company and region I am aware of is looking for talent and having a difficult time getting it.”

Career Solutions

Elk Recruitment’s niche recruitment areas of expertise are some of the fastest growing job sectors today. An examination of the latest statistics shows that this trend is expected to continue for the foreseeable future, which is great new for our clients and candidates.