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5 months ago by Clive Dunne
Self Doubt

Self-doubt is that little voice that screeches us to a halt just when we are about to make a decision.

Are you sure? Have you made the right decision here? What will people think? Is your business idea good enough? What if you fail?

We have all heard them, this process is normal and healthy, but this self-preserving mechanism should never become debilitating.

Of course, it’s extremely important when embarking on any new idea to think things through and to try and plan for all eventualities. Just remember, all of our ducks may never be in a row and sometimes we need to take that leap of fate to truly grow.

“go with what you have, right now, just go, take the leap and learn how to fly on the way down”

Les Brown

Life is short, and we owe it to ourselves to explore every part of life and be the best we can be in the time we have been given. Self-doubt is fine, listen to it, embrace it, feel it, take on board its questions, act upon them if need be, but then move on. There is no such thing as failure, getting something wrong just means that you have not perfected your art form yet; it’s a learning process not a full stop. Instead, see this unforeseen setback as room for improvement and growth. It's life’s way of telling you to practice more, study what went wrong, identify the lesson and take from it.

When we approach life with this learning view and start to accept that things may not always go our way, we are reducing our fear of failure and thus reducing the power that self-doubt has over us. Remember, self-doubt is only one part of you, and it doesn’t like risk taking even though some of the best decisions ever made were made with incredible risk.

“she was unstoppable, not because she did not have failures or doubts, but because she continued on despite of them”

Beau Taplin