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about 3 years ago by Elk Recruitment
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Strong Construction Growth Expected

Figures released for 2019 show that the construction industry continues to grow
steadily. The statistics were released by the Ulster Bank Construction Purchasing
Managers Index and were compiled by senior economists at the bank. This is very
encouraging news as many had predicted a decline following the first composition
of data following the Brexit.  Although economic predictors remain cautious there
is a growing optimism that the construction sector will continue to experience
strong growth going forward.  Simon Barry, Ulster Bank’s chief economist in the
Republic of Ireland said that new orders have risen to their highest level since March.

New Construction Employees Needed

This predicted growth in the construction industry has led The Chartered
Institute of Building to develop a novel new app based on the Minecraft video
game in order to train and eventually recruit the next generation of architects
and construction employees. In the UK alone, for example, over 400,000
construction workers will retire between 2018 and 2023, which will create an
unprecedented vacuum in the industry unless planned for today.  The app is
called Craft Your Future and can be accessed at  Minecraft is
an open-world building game which allows participants to plan, design and
construct everything from houses and skyscrapers to entire cities incorporating
electricity grids and water systems.

Minecraft Designs Inspiring Architecture

According to the CIOB, construction sector employees of the future will
need such diverse skills such as digital construction technologies,
sustainability planning and logistics, just to name three. All of these areas
are incorporated into the Minecraft app and already solid results are being
observed. At a recent house design competition in the UK four of the finalists
were designed using Minecraft.  Even more impressive is the feat of
Guy MacDonnell, a quantity surveyor for Interserve Construction who won a
major construction award for designing and building an update of the CCTV
Tower in Beijing using Minecraft.  Going forward, Irish recruitment companies
and the construction industry itself will be able to access, examine and recommend online portfolios of prospective jobseekers which are already being
uploaded onto the CIOB website.