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about 3 years ago by Elk Recruitment

Whether you are a mum or dad, the thought of returning to work after considerable time off can be a tough and daunting prospect for most, yet it is a time that is filled with renewed aspirations and excitement of what might lie ahead.

If you were on paternity or maternity leave then you probably have an existing job to slot back into which makes things somewhat easier but the change in routine for you and your family will be challenging. If you left your employment entirely before becoming a stay at home parent then returning to work is not so simple as you have the added
challenge of trying to find a new job with a career gap in your CV, not to mention that maybe your once up to date skill set is now outdated.  This should not hinder your desire to return to work or impact your confidence in any way. Like any job seeker, you will always face rejection and it is up to you to ensure you are skilfully capable to fulfil the role you are applying to and ensure you have prepared for the interview in advance.

Preparation is Key

In relation to talking about the time period you were out of work nurturing and caring for your children, talk about it positively and energetically but drive home the fact that you are now focused on returning to work and getting yourself back into the workforce and carrying
on with your career where you left off.  In advance of any interview familiarise yourself with the company, study how the market, your industry and profession has progressed since you were last employed and explain what you did to bridge the gap in your skill set if one exists. Be prepared to explain convincingly how easy it would be for you to get back into your groove and be an asset to that company or position.

You can do it

The main challenge in returning to work is not your ability to do a job you once did, its having the confidence to do it again and your readiness to return.  Remember, you can and will do it, it just
takes belief, perseverance, commitment and lots of preparation.