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about 3 years ago by Elk Recruitment

I spoke to a candidate earlier this week who was enquiring about a
position we had in Dublin, the requirement for the role being a Degree qualified
candidate with four years’ experience.  The candidate had 5 years’ experience with no Degree and unfortunately was not considered. This is the reality of today’s market!

Although there is a very true saying “you can read volumes on swimming and jump into a pool and drown” I would always advise candidates to read the volumes none the less and to finish a degree if they have the opportunity to do so.  Understood it is a long commitment and can involve considerable cost, but in today’s employment market it is nearly a prerequisite. Expectation from employers is to see candidates with a degree even for entry level positions. 

Is it worth it?

What does a degree mean for you and more importantly, what does it tell your employer?  It explains to the employer that you obviously have a certain level of education, it suggests to the employer that you can think in a certain way, solve problems analytically and you have the ability to follow things through.  Completing a degree is not easy and it shows you have commitment and resilience.  Even when your job applications are unsuccessful
or they go unanswered, don’t question the point in having your degree, rest
assured that having the degree ensures your application gets a first consideration.

You are a brand.

Choose a reputable college and ensure that the accreditation of the degree is applicable to the National Framework of Qualifications in Ireland.  Having a degree does make your
job hunt easier but the process of finding that perfect job with the financial rewards you desire will take patience and time. Remember your degree in most professions is only 33% of your personal brand, the other 66.6% is made up of practical experience, life experience and your portfolio (CV) itself. If you are finding that your job hunt is disastrous and not landing you the job you want or none at all, then take time to review your personal brand and don’t be afraid to seek help if required.