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about 3 years ago by Elk Recruitment
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With the advent of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram to
name but a few, people are inclined to publish just about anything in relation
to their personal lives, their political views, opinions and in general tend to
let their guard down when social networking.

Employers are of course interested in your skills and ability to do the
job first and foremost, however in any placement there are also character
traits to consider and you don’t want your online content to jeopardise this by
posting something that could be construed as offensive. Now of course there must be a line drawn between what goes on in our personal lives and what goes on in our professional lives and people have the right to publish whatever they want but when this information is readily available to prospective employers, it is best to be cautious and keep comments, updates, photos and shares at the very least respectable and choose your audience wisely. 

On any social media platform, always customise your privacy options to prevent unwanted eyes from accessing your content and keep your content clean. Post
content applicable to that forum for example on LinkedIn only post work/industry
related topics and certainly don’t use it as a means to air your views about colleagues,
current or past employers.  Be careful when and where you post, for instance I have heard many instances of employees ringing in sick and then they post a photo of themselves sipping a cool beer delighted with life, or swinging down a zip line.    Another good idea is to search yourself on Google or Yahoo and see what comes up, if you find the results should we say questionable, then go to that site and delete the content if required to do so.

The age of big brother is here whether we like it or not. It’s not something to be concerned about but it is important you manage it and be mindful of your online brand at all times.