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22 days ago by Elk Recruitment
Time Management

Time Management

Time is precious and using your time wisely and productively for most of
us usually requires an uncomfortable and radical shift in mind-set.
  Jumping from one thing to another and
finishing nothing is unfortunately the norm for some, a habit that results in
inefficiency and time wasting.
  You must
have a systematic approach to time management which will result in a less
stressful way of getting things done first time.
  To help you on your way try adopting these time
management tips.

Use to-do
lists, they are so effective in time management.
  You should start by getting yourself a good
daily diary.
  Every Sunday evening take
five minutes out and make it your business to plan and write down the top 10/20
items that you wish to have completed next week, day by day.
  First thing every morning review the list for
that day and add the finer details. For instance, jot down who you need to call
that day and the times things need to happen to meet your plan. Just make sure
you write your to-dos down, it allows you to de-clutter your mind and to focus
on completing tasks instead of trying to remember what they were.

time to do important tasks, stick to the times allocated and don’t be afraid to
tell people you are busy during these periods, even if that means telling
people Not now!
  Initially when you adopt
this approach other might think it too quite be rude that you have fobbed them
off, but they will get used to it.
times out of 10 what they wanted to talk to you about, they will have managed
to sort it out for themselves. Bonus!

busy time slots, turn of all social media platforms and concentrate solely on
the task at hand unless of course you use them for business.

Pencil in
certain times during the day to reply to emails.

In your
daily diary identify days that are productive and what it was about that day
that made it more productive.
  When you
identify these productive factors try and introduce them into every day.