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2 months ago by Elk Recruitment

Should I join a professional network such as LinkedIn?

In today’s tech savvy business community, professional networking sites
such as Biznik, Opportunity, PartnerUp, VisualCV, Meetup, Xing, Plaxo &
LinkedIn all provide excellent online locations to help you grow professionally,
but to date as stated by Forbes

“LinkedIn is far and away, the
most advantageous social networking tool available to job seekers and business
professionals today”

With 2 people joining every second, LinkedIn is the largest professional
network in the world with over 400 million users of which 40 million are
students, its available in over 200 countries in 40 languages and your basic
account is free set up.
 You can use
LinkedIn for a variety of different reasons from promoting your company, job
seeking, growing your brand, attaining information, promoting your blog, promoting
jobs and most importantly it’s a super location to network with professionals
across the globe.

To setup your free LinkedIn account you will need to submit your email
address and create a password and please make sure your email address is a
professional one.
  You will need to add
your contact details, summary section (include up to date industry buzz words),
work experience, qualifications & your interests.
  You can also add in specific skills which
people will endorse you on and you can also get recommendations from colleagues
and friends to strengthen your claim to professional knowledge.

Things to remember, LinkedIn is a professional networking site not Facebook,
only post work related topics in a professional manner.
  Have a professional photo, keep your profile
current and without spelling or grammatical mistakes, try and get
recommendations from people you know and be specific.
 Join groups and forums and contribute value
adding information.
  Connect with people
you know, people that might benefit from knowing you but do explain why you
would like to connect.
  Connect with
recruiters but be careful connecting with companies you would like to be employed
with particularly in the way you approach them, and before you do any of this
ensure your profile is completed fully.

Top Tip: Ensure your LinkedIn profile matches your CV.