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over 3 years ago by Elk Recruitment
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The Façade or fenestration industry is an excellent and exciting fast moving
industry to be involved in and there are always opportunities for individuals
that have excelled in a specific area of that Industry worldwide.
Elk Recruitment are among the few Façade recruitment firms that have a sound
global insight into the industry having spent over 16 years working directly for
Glass, Aluminium and Steel Suppliers domestically and internationally giving it
an excellent understanding from grass roots to Senior Management.

The internal workings of façade firms are quite similar and this applies form small
to medium & large organisations the world over. The only difference in most cases
between all three sizes is usually software and ICT integration, scale of projects
executed, capital available, NUMBER OF SIT DOWN MEETINGS and although
dependent on the market the company operates in, salary levels, but these may
also be extremely close between all three sizes of organisation.  On the execution
side (Installation) remains similar throughout.

Most organisations will consist of departments such as Sales, Estimation, Commercial,
Pre-construction, Procurement, Logistics, Manufacturing, Design, Engineering,
Project Management, Document Control, Planning, Finance, Quality, Health & Safety
or in the smaller organisations some departments may be combined.  At all points
in the supply chain there are entry level positions but due to the fast pace of the
industry most organisations do require previous experience.

The façade industry operates throughout the world and I have been in many Curtain
Walling Plants and the only differences between companies worldwide is the
different titles they give certain positions and management controls in place,
the work is the same.  Right now, there is an urgent demand in many geographical
locations for façade professionals across all departments, but unfortunately there
is also a lack of candidates with a well-rounded skill set consisting of both practical
and academic, a combination that is required to meet the demands of today’s changing construction industry. 

The Construction industry has moved on and the old mind set of just get it done by any
means necessary! is a thing of the past.  As the construction industry progresses the
Main Contractors, Governing Bodies and End Users have placed a lot of guidelines,
restrictions, standards, rules, regulations, best practice expectations & demands on
every aspect of the sub-contractor’s internal supply chain and as such are expected to
perform duties in a controlled & measurable fashion and execute all works, safely, on
time and within budget.  This is by no means negative, in fact it’s a hugely positive
development, although for many it may seem frustrating as they adjust internal processes and procedures to meet these expectations.

So in summary, the façade industry is an excellent modern career choice, fast moving
& continually changing.  It incorporates very interesting disciplines and the demand for
these disciplines are high sought after across the globe.

If you are interested in a job move no matter where you are, contact Elk Recruitment
today, the Façade & Curtain Walling recruitment specialist.


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