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over 3 years ago by Elk Recruitment

Having a goal and driving towards that goal is extremely important however it
does not necessarily mean you will achieve it as most successful people will
tell you.  We all need tools to get there, we need to know how to use them and the most important tool you possess is YOU! 

An important first step to your success is defining & understanding who you are
internally and why (motivating factors) you want to achieve this particular goal.
Undertaking this process and understanding its results makes the tough road to
success moresustainable & achievable as you are paving the way with a solid foundation. 

Look Inside

Take the time to understand
yourself, this means conducting somewhat of an internal SWOT analysis to
identify the areas of you that are strong, areas that are weak, areas of you
that will create opportunities and areas that can cause you problems. The end
result of this exercise is a list of positive and negative traits which can include
poor communication, lack of apathy, education, poor attention to detail, excellent
drive and positivity to focused, assertive and caring. 

This internal dissection is hard initially but if you truly listen to your inner voice
and take the time to audit yourself truthfully as a vehicle to achieving your goals,
you will quickly become stronger and more equipped to achieve that goal along
with becoming a better person in the process.  This really is an important key to success.

Fill in the Blanks and Improve

Having identified your internal weaknesses is an extremely important and positive
step in your self-development and identifying your key to success.  Don’t let its
findings put you of or shock you. We all have limitations and the quicker we
understand and identify these limitations the better.  Looking outside after conducting this internal analysis is imperative for two reasons;

1. Now that you have identified areas for improvement, you need to compensate
for weaknesses found within by possibly retraining yourself, upskilling, finding
your motivating factors, being more positive or partnering with someone who has the skills you do not.

2. You need to also identify and address the negative external factors that are
preventing you from achieving that goal, this can range from negative people,
negative external relationships and the environment you operate in.

Understanding you at a deeper level internally and externally can only be beneficial
and will most definitely bring about a stronger more resilient you, a tool that you
can rely on when all else fails, after all its you that success will be come from, not
your product or your market, You are your key to success.


“We can have more than we've got
because we can become more than we are”

Jim Rohn