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When is the Best Time to Change Job?

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As we approach the end of another year, many people will be making resolutions regarding job changes, and here at Elk Recruitment, we have been examining what business leaders say about the best time of the year to look for a new job.

The results are surprising in many cases, but the one constant factor is that by staying attentive and ahead of the curve you can maximise your chances of finding the ideal position. The first piece of advice is to realise that instead of waiting until January to begin your job search, December is seen by many top recruitment firms as an often overlooked window when it comes to job seeking.

Less December Competition

Joe Weinlick, of Beyond Career Network, told Business Insider recently that there is often a drop-off in job seekers during the month of December so there is less competition for positions. This factor can make your CV stand out, and with fewer applicants, many firms are under pressure to fill positions more quickly. By moving your new job resolution forward from January to December, you are immediately giving yourself an advantage.

Echoing this advice, Kathleen Brady, author of ‘Get a Job!10 Steps to Career Success’, writes that many employers need to hire before January begins or risk losing budget funds for new employees.

According to a recent UK survey, changing job is the fourth most popular New Year resolution, so why wait until everybody else becomes the increased competition?

Over at, they narrow down the December window even further by honing in on the last two weeks as being when you will have more attention placed on your application and will be ahead of the competition if new hiring takes place in January.   

It’s All about You

Ultimately, you are the best judge as to when you should start seeking a new job. Advice from experts, in this case, is best understood as a rough guide only. If you are currently thinking about a new job resolution, contact Elk Recruitment, where we are ready to assist with your search.