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What to do after an interview

Interview The interview is over, you have been grilled by a team of interviewing lions and you displayed a super performance. Now the waiting game begins, but wait your job is not done yet! Firstly, contact the recruiter straight after your interview if you are dealing with one, and let them know how it went. If […]

Exploring career options with your Teen

Exploring career options with your Teen This question is a very relevant question to my own family and a subject I have pondered over quite recently.  We know that children are meant to be children for as long as possible but I do think it healthy for early teens to start considering their career options […]

Life after the Leaving Cert

Pathways and Crossroads. Now that the leaving cert results have been announced there will be many graduates facing different choices and pathways. Some of these decisions will be determined by expected outcomes whereas for others this moment will bring uncertainty. There may be the need to reassess where to go from here. Perhaps for some […]

How to make your meetings more efficient

How to make your meetings more efficient Meetings are a necessary evil in today’s busy working environments. They give the team an opportunity to meet and greet as a group and discuss important topics outside of their day to day roles and responsibilities.  However, in order for meetings to be effective they need to be […]

The Price of Progress

The Price of Progress It seems the economy is thankfully turning a corner with increased activity visible across a number of different sectors such as construction, architectural, food industry & professional services.  This has resulted in a lot more job opportunities, so much so that some job seekers are now receiving multiple job offers during […]

Don’t underestimate the importance of having cultural knowledge

Cultural knowledge For Multinationals, expatriates and lone workers through the advancement of transport, communication, information technology and reduction in flight costs in travelling abroad in recent times, taking a post in a foreign country or conducting business across foreign borders is a feasible growth opportunity for some and unfortunately a financial necessity for others. For […]

Choosing the Postgraduate Route

A Higher Degree Increase Potential Earnings. Today’s Blog follows on from last weeks which highlighted the various paths open to students and graduates by examining the advantages of a postgraduate degree. Having finished college, the most popular route taken by graduates is into immediate employment but deciding to pursue further education, as well as diversifying, […]

College and Career Paths

Points Rise in Construction Sector This week saw the publication of the first round of offers from the CAO and although graduates have until next Monday to decide on a course, tens of thousands of students have already booked their places. The CAO will release the second round of courses on September 1st so some […]

Dropping out of College

Dropping out of College Dropping out of college has pros and cons. There are many different paths one can follow to succeed in this world and they all don’t follow the conventional routes of school, college then work.  For instance, I left school, repeated my leaving cert and did not get the points I needed, […]

Solving Work Related Problems Methodically

Solving Work Related Problems Methodically! There will always be times in work when despite best efforts things are just going completely wrong and not according to plan.  If you take the time out to study exactly what has happened, you will usually see a pattern to it and in that pattern is always a recipe […]

Moving into Management

Moving into management! So you have put in hours and hours of hard work and your employer has finally asked you to take a step up to first line management.  Firstly, well done and you should be very proud of yourself.  Should you be nervous? No you should not be, but it’s quite natural to […]

You can not control every part of an interview

You can not control every part of an interview. I am so disappointed, I felt I did a great interview and I still didn’t get the job, What? This is not an uncommon occurrence as there are so many factors at play during the interview itself and broader hiring process that you unfortunately have no […]

We are on the Move!

Elk Recruitment are so excited to announce that we have opened up our UK address in City Road, London. The reason for this, as stated by Clive Dunne of Elk Recruitment is “To be close to the action currently experienced in the growing fenestration industry there, it is also what our growing Curtain Walling client base require […]

Time Management

Time management Time is precious and using your time wisely and productively for most of us usually requires an uncomfortable and radical shift in mind-set.  Jumping from one thing to another and finishing nothing is unfortunately the norm for some, a habit that results in inefficiency and time wasting.  You must have a systematic approach […]

Should I join a professional network such as LinkedIn?

Should I join a professional network such as LinkedIn? In today’s tech savvy business community, professional networking sites such as Biznik, Opportunity, PartnerUp, VisualCV, Meetup, Xing, Plaxo & LinkedIn all provide excellent online locations to help you grow professionally, but to date as stated by Forbes. LinkedIn is far and away, the most advantages social […]

How important is a Job Description

How important is a Job Description? A job description is an extremely important document for both the employee and the employer.  It should be an accompaniment to the contract of employment, a one-page overview that explains to both parties clearly what is expected from an individual working in a given position within an organisation. It often […]

Dealing with a difficult co-worker

Dealing with a difficult co-worker I think it is safe to say that we have all encountered situations in our working environments of colleagues whose main aim in life seems to be to push our buttons and drive us crazy.  This can be quite annoying to say the least.  However, in more serious cases this […]

Job Hunt Effectively

How to Job Hunt Effectively. Job hunting can be a very stressful and difficult time for most of us especially when it’s the result of losing your job rather than choosing to leave.  As hard as it may be, try not to look at your current situation as world ending because it isn’t, instead look […]

What makes a good CV?

What makes a good CV? What makes a good CV you may ask. Despite the plethora of free information available, 1000’s of CV’s have passed my desk for junior and senior candidates and most of which are simply not presentable! To this day, it still baffles as to why a candidate would expect to get to an […]

Overcoming Self-doubt

Self-doubt Self-doubt is that little voice that screeches us to a halt just when we are about to make a decision. Are you sure? have you made the right decision here? what will people think? is your business idea good enough? what if you fail?  We have all heard them, this process is normal and […]

Fenestration industry

Why choose a career in the Façade/Fenestration industry?  The Façade or fenestration industry is an excellent and exciting fast moving industry to be involved in and there are always opportunities for individuals that have excelled in a specific area of that Industry worldwide. Elk Recruitment are among the few Façade recruitment firms that have a sound global insight […]

Goal Planning

Goal Planning Over The Holiday Season It’s the Holiday Season and we all are really looking forward to our few days’ leave and rightly so.  It’s time to rejuvenate the batteries, put your feet up in front of the TV & enjoy a well-earned break with family and friends, a blessing that can sometimes be […]

How do I progress my career

How do I progress my career The answer to this question is actually quite complex as there are many factors at play here, some are obvious, some not so obvious and some of which may unfortunately be out of your control. Qualifications To start with, Qualifications are extremely important and a good place to begin […]

Make the Change

Make the change I am stuck in a professional rut and my job is just getting me down!  How many times have I heard this from family, friends and colleagues, it’s probably one of the most frustrating situations we find ourselves in and it can have a huge impact on our mental state taking into […]

Age and Opportunity

Staying in Jobs As more and more workers are staying in jobs beyond the previous retirement age, this can offer firms a wealth of experience from the employer’s side, and also allow older employees opportunities in terms of new skills and, indeed, new careers.  According to William Fry’s 2016 Employment Report: Age In The Workplace, […]

When is the Best Time to Change Job?

Elk Recruitment Job Resolutions As we approach the end of another year, many people will be making resolutions regarding job changes, and here at Elk Recruitment, we have been examining what business leaders say about the best time of the year to look for a new job. The results are surprising in many cases, but […]

The Irish Elk and Elk Recruitment

Elk Recruitment This is probably one of the most frequent questions we get asked when meeting both clients and candidates for the first time, why Elk Recruitment? From the outset we wanted an Irish association with our business/brand.  We started initially with the names of Irish flowers due to my keen interest in gardening but […]

Elk Recruitment Career Guidance

Setting Goals The Italian artist and architect, Michelangelo, once said this about setting goals, “The greatest danger for most of us is not setting our aim too high and falling short, but in setting our aim too low and achieving our mark.” For many people, unfortunately, this observation remains all too real. Sometimes it is […]

Tough Job Interview Questions

Managers More Sophisticated In a previous Blog post, we spoke about various preparation techniques which can help a candidate with nerves and apprehension relating to tough job interview questions. Recently, a survey published by Business Insider UK revealed that leading hiring managers are becoming even more sophisticated regarding gleaning information from candidates without candidates truly […]

Irish MedTech Growth

Skill Combination This week saw further announcements of Irish MedTech Growth and new jobs within the medical-technology industry. As a leading recruitment firm in this sector, Elk Recruitment continues to notice particular trends which are becoming more prevalent and which can benefit a candidate tremendously. One factor which offers a significant advantage is that of […]

MedTech and Medical Device Manufacturing

More College Graduates Entering Manufacturing Roles One of the most misunderstood statistics in relation to today’s job market is the way manufacturing employment numbers are processed by the general public. This area has become a sector requiring highly skilled employees as machinery and technology advances but many people interpret the change in traditional factory roles […]

Understanding YOU is an important key to success

Key To Success Key to success? Having a goal and driving towards that goal is extremely important however it does not necessarily mean you will achieve it as most successful people will tell you. We all need tools to get there, we need to know how to use them and the most important tool you possess is […]

Construction Industry Mining New Recruits.

Strong Construction Growth Expected Figures released for July 2016 show that the construction industry continues to grow steadily. The statistics were released by the Ulster Bank Construction Purchasing Managers Index and were compiled by senior economists at the bank. This is very encouraging news as many had predicted a decline following the first composition of […]

Job Hopping Affecting Recruiters and Human Resources.

1 in 3 Irish Jobseekers Are Job Hopping In The First Year  Figures by The American Bureau of Labour Statistics have backed up what many Irish recruitment agencies and HR professionals have noticed recently, namely that job hopping, particularly in the cases of young women, is rising dramatically. They found that the average time a […]

Nursing – Midwife Opportunities in Demand

Nursing and Midwife Opportunities in Demand. This week saw the release of disappointing figures illustrating just how difficult it has been for the Irish Government to fill nursing and midwife positions in Irish hospitals. According to The Irish Nurse and Midwives Organisation (INMO), there are now around 630 vacancies for nurses and midwives in Irish […]

Top 5 Interview Tips

1. Mental and Practical Preparation Remember why you are there, you need this job but don’t forget they also need you, ultimately that’s why you are really there. The guys interviewing you don’t want to see a well-rehearsed performance it’s unnatural and fake, they want to see honesty, your skill set and a confident you that is […]

The Growth of Electronic Aptitude Tests

The Growth of Electronic Aptitude Tests. Online numerical, verbal and logical reasoning examinations are becoming more and more popular with prospective employers. These methods of evaluation are used to quantify a candidate’s skills when it comes to structured and systematic ways of thinking.  There can also be a time element involved which may be indicative […]

How Good Communication Can Benefit Staff Retention.

Employee retention can be a problem for businesses in every sector. Perhaps one of the most overlooked factors relating to this issue is the non-communication of a clear lack of vision on behalf of the employer.  This absence of clarity can affect employees in a surprising number of ways. For example, foresight and job security […]

The Night Before the Interview

The Night Before the Interview. The night before a job interview can bring as much apprehension as it does excitement but if you have prepared properly there is no need to fall victim to nerves or a last minute attack of self-doubt. Remember, this is the position you wished to find yourself in: to have […]

Can My Social Networking Impact My Job Hunt?

Can My Social Networking Impact My Job Hunt? With the advent of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram to name but a few, people are inclined to publish just about anything in relation to their personal lives, their political views, opinions and in general tend to let their guard down when social networking. Employers are […]

Returning To Work After Paternity Or Maternity Leave!

Returning to work Answer: Whether you are a mum or dad, the thought of returning to work after considerable time of can be a tough and daunting prospect for most, yet it is a time that is filled with renewed aspirations and excitement of what might be. If you were on paternity or maternity leave […]

Degree Or No Degree, That Is The Question

I spoke to a candidate earlier this week who was enquiring about a position we had in Dublin, the requirement for the role was a Degree qualified candidate with four years’ experience. The candidate had 5 years’ experience with no Degree and unfortunately was not considered, this is the reality of today’s market. Although there is […]

Unitized Curtain Walling and Supply Chain Management

Along with an excellent design team with a design for manufacture mind set, one of the other main key ingredients to executing a successful unitised curtain walling project is making sure you have in place and BEFORE you start an excellently controlled well-oiled supply chain. A unitised curtain walling project needs to be visualised and […]

I want to Resign

I want to Resign Most of us at some point in our careers have felt the desire to resign from our job due to a grievance we have had. Whether this grievance is due to a mean boss, limited career progression, difficult co-workers, broken promises, toxic work environment or poor terms and conditions, walking out in […]

The Language of Success

Job Market Access As we have seen in our previous Blog posts, the opportunity for a candidate to avail of a position overseas has never been greater. In particular, the Elk Recruitment niches of façade and fenestration, construction and Medtech are all sectors where vacancies arise in all corners of the world. With this opportunity […]

Confidence and Change

Changing Circumstances In last week’s Blog we spoke about taking advantage of seasonal circumstances to apply for new positions. Recruitment leaders see the drop-off in applications as often being advantageous to job seekers. Before making a change, many applicants find that they face an unexpected barrier, particularly if they have been in the same job […]

Changing Career

Our working career usually spans 40+ years including part time to full time positions. During the early stages of our career we start to make inroads into the industry/position that we will ultimately spend most of our working lives in which is determined by our gained practical and academic experience guiding us there. If you want […]